International Association for Impact Assessment

EU taxonomy of sustainable activities: Implications for IA systems

  • Presenter(s): Jiri Dusik, Maria Rosario Partidario, Bryan Jenkins, Angela Filipas, Thomas Fischer and Weston Fisher

    Recorded: 23 MAR 2022

    Facilitator(s): Alan Bond

    Environmental Assessment is a globally mandated tool for helping to deliver sustainable development, which has been frequently criticized for its inability to prevent incremental environmental degradation. However, new sustainable finance frameworks are being developed stipulating what can be deemed as "sustainable investment" or "sustainable economic activity." These are known as taxonomies of sustainable investments, and they have the potential to radically change the environmental outcomes of decision making, based on a "significant contribution" and "do no significant harm" approach to critical environmental components. 

    This webinar recording discusses how they can change the mindset for the sustainable development expectations associated with policy tools like environmental assessment. Further, we argue that emerging taxonomies can benefit from integration with existing environmental assessment systems and, reciprocally, strengthen the existing EA systems to better address the environmental sustainability priorities of the 21st century.

    The webinar features a keynote presentation summarizing the recent IAPA paper on the topic by Jiri Duskik (Integra Consulting) and Alan Bond (University of East Anglia), followed by a discussion with the panelists Maria Rosario Partidario (University of Lisbon), Bryan Jenkins (University of Adelaide), Angela Filipas (European Investment Bank), Thomas Fischer (University of Liverpool), and Weston Fisher (IAIA’s Climate Change and Impact Assessment Action Plan).

    The final minutes are for Q&A.

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