International Association for Impact Assessment

Making the most of conference networking

  • Presenter(s): Edith Birungi Kabuhire, Gabriela Factor and Behzad Raissiyan and Peter Liebowitz

    Recorded: 16 MAR 2022

    Facilitator(s): Marla Orenstein

    This is the third of the Professional Success Webinar Series, available only to IAIA members. To view the full session, you will be required to log in to your IAIA member account to gain access.

    This webinar recording – “Making the most of conference networking” gives IAIA members strategies for making connections at the IAIA conference, and beyond. Some of IAIA’s best conference networkers share their approaches. This informal conversation is moderated by IAIA President  Marla Orenstein (Canada), joined by panelists Edith Birungi Kabuhire (South Africa), Gabriela Factor (Denmark), Behzad Raissiyan (Iran), and Peter Liebowitz (USA).

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