International Association for Impact Assessment

The pros and cons of employment with the major consultancies

  • Presenter(s): Aaron Goldschmidt, George Hegmann and Claudia Valencia Franke

    Recorded: 24 FEB 2022

    Facilitator(s): Marla Orenstein

    This is the second of the Professional Success Webinar Series, available only to IAIA members. To view the full session, you will be required to log in to your IAIA member account to gain access.

    This webinar recording demystifies what it is like to work in a large consulting company -- the advantages and disadvantages, getting hired at different experience levels, the career trajectory and what the work is like. Learn whether a large firm is a good fit for you. Moderator (and IAIA President) Marla Orenstein, joined by panelists Aaron Goldschmidt (Wood), George Hegmann (Stantec) and Claudia Valencia Franke (SNC-Lavalin).


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