International Association for Impact Assessment


  • Presenter(s): Liz Wall

    Recorded: 15 DEC 2016

    This webinar looked at points where the worlds of resettlement and impact assessment intersect and how they can help to inform each other.  Case studies from around the world were used to illustrate the points of intersection, focussing on project design considerations, baseline surveys and management measures.   Participants can gain an understanding of the complexity of resettlement and opportunities for improved project planning through greater integration between impact assessment and resettlement.

    Liz is an independent consultant with more than 15 years of global experience assessing and addressing social impacts associated with large projects in developing countries, almost all of which have generated some level of resettlement.  As a former IFC social specialist she is an expert in the implementation of the IFC Performance Standards and has worked in over 40 countries. 

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