International Association for Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment and the Circular Economy - 9:00 GMT

  • Presenter(s): Josh Fothergill

    Recorded: 24 FEB 2021

    The circular economy is a new way to plan, design, make, and use things within environmental limits, from policy and strategy, through projects, products and services. The circular economy is a shift in mindset to move away from our current linear way of thinking dominant by an unsustainable production and consumption approach of ‘take-make-use-dispose’.
    This free 1-hour webinar explored the role of IA in enabling the circular economy, looking at views from the profession, early case examples of IA interaction and the role practice can play in avoiding unintended consequences from a transition to circular systems.  This webinar was aimed at all Impact Assessment (IA) professionals with an interest in helping enable a sustainable future.

    The webinar will be presented by Josh Fothergill and is based on the findings of their IAIA Innovation Grant supported study into this area. The webinar will also align with the launch of IAIA’s Primer on The Circular Economy & IA, authored by Josh and Jo Murphy through their consultancy - Fothergill Training & Consulting Ltd.

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