International Association for Impact Assessment

Human Rights And Impact Assessment

  • Presenter(s): Tulika Bansal, Gabriela Factor, Nora Gotzmann and Dirk Hoffmann

    Recorded: 27 JAN 2021

    This 60-minute webinar on human rights and impact assessment is targeted at practitioners involved in the impact assessment of private sector projects, including companies, financial institutions and internal and external impact assessment practitioners that carry out impact assessments.  The webinar addressed questions such as:

    • What are human rights, why are human rights important in the context of private sector project and why is it important to assess human rights impacts?
    • What are some of the key criteria for assessing human rights impacts?
    • Stand-alone human rights impact assessment (HRIA) vs integration of human rights in ESHIAs
    • Challenges and opportunities for human rights in impact assessment 

    Through the webinar, participants were provided an introduction to human rights and what the integration of human rights in impact assessment means in practice. Some practical tools and resources on human rights impact assessment were also introduced.

    Presenters include: 
    a.    Tulika Bansal, Senior Adviser, Danish Institute for Human Rights. 
    b.    Dirk Hoffmann, Senior Adviser, Danish Institute for Human Rights.  
    c.    Gaby Factor, Environmental and Social Senior Expert
    d.    Nora Gotzmann, Chief Adviser, Danish Institute for Human Rights

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