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Committees and Task Forces seeking volunteers

  • Blog post by Executive Director David Bancroft

    Committees and Task Forces seeking volunteers

    Dear IAIA Members:

    Have you ever wondered about how to get more involved with IAIA? Serving on a Committee or Task Force is a great way to meet new people and help guide the organization. In addition, it is a good resume builder, and provides additional insights into IAIA issues and operations in case you are thinking of running to be on the Board of Directors.  Here are some possibilities.

    Awards Committee IconExperience » V-Collection » Bullet Ball Glass Blue Icon

    On the Awards Committee, you would help identify potential candidates for awards, plan the call for nominations, conduct selection assessment process, recommend award recipients to the Board of Directors, and notify recipients following Board decisions on recommendations.

    IconExperience » V-Collection » Bullet Ball Glass Blue IconConferences Committee

    As a member of the Conferences Committee, you would help conduct an initial review of conference proposals before they are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval; provide guidance to IAIA staff on overall continuity, innovation, and relevance in conference themes; and assist in the revision of conference proposal evaluation criteria, as deemed necessary by the committee.

    IconExperience » V-Collection » Bullet Ball Glass Blue IconImpact Assessment and Project Appraisal (IAPA) Editorial Board

    Providing advice to the Chair of the IAPA Editorial Board and to the editor of IAPA on matters relating to content of the journal is the primary function of member of this committee. Appointments to the Editorial Board are based on individual merit and the following criteria:

    • High standing in the relevant discipline
    • Professional capability in English, the language of the IAIA journal
    • Email accessibility and capability
    • Gender, geographical, sub-discipline representation

    IconExperience » V-Collection » Bullet Ball Glass Blue IconJournal Management Committee

    The Journal Management Committee actively manages the Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal journal on behalf of IAIA, including monitoring the performance of the editor and publisher, and ensuring the ongoing health of the journal.

    IconExperience » V-Collection » Bullet Ball Glass Blue IconNominations Committee

    Members of the Nominations Committee canvass nominations for all vacancies that occur on the Board of Directors.  In addition, they process nominations in conformity with the By-Laws, organization timetable, and best practice in equitable representation throughout each stage of communication.

    IconExperience » V-Collection » Bullet Ball Glass Blue IconTraining & Professional Development Committee (TPDC)

    Members of the TPDC promote professional development in impact assessment. Primary activities include reviewing proposals and recommending training courses offered in association with IAIA conferences and symposia. Committee members also help assess training needs, criteria for course evaluation and proposal review, and other training opportunities that may arise.  

    IconExperience » V-Collection » Bullet Ball Glass Blue IconIn addition to serving on a Committee, from time to time there are opportunities to serve on a Task Force.  Currently there are two openings on the newly created Black Lives Matter Task Force. This was authorized by the Board of Directors at its Annual Meeting, and is intended to ensure that IAIA’s Black Lives Matter Statement is not an empty promise. To fulfill that goal, this committee may develop a set of recommendations to the Board on actions that can be taken by IAIA as an organization, impact assessment as a profession, the impact assessment professional as an employer and purchaser of goods and services, and IAIA as an employer and purchaser of goods and services.

    Are you interested in one or more of these opportunities?  If so, please volunteer by sending me an email indicating the opportunities that interest you, and explain why you feel that they would be a good fit for your skills and abilities.

    Please also realize that if we are not able to immediately seat you on a Committee or Task Force, we will keep your interest and credentials on file. 

    Remember, this is your IAIA, and it is here to serve your needs. However, we need your help to do so.


    David Bancroft, Executive Director





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