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Repository of completed IA Projects – feasibility study

Proejct ID: 20

Project Title: Repository of completed IA Projects – feasibility study

Summary of project:

We will study and report on the feasibility of developing a searchable repository of completed public impact assessments. 

Project Supervisor: Martin Haefele

Project Details:

Martin Haefele
Manager, Whitehorse Designated Office

Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board

Suite 203 – 309 Strickland Street

Whitehorse, Yukon  Y1A 2J9

P: 867-456-3201                                                                                             

Application closing date: 3 March

Section, committee, etc.: Publications Committee

Estimated time required to comoplete the project: 30-50 hours


It would be useful for IAIA members to have access to a repository of completed IAs that they could use for learning and reference.  This would be a large undertaking.  We will explore the feasibility and utility of developing this repository.

Description of tasks:

Working with the Project Supervisor, put together an initial ‘Concept Note’ for what this repository would comprise. This will include: identifying similar existing repositories; identifying whether the IAIA has attempted this previously; identifying the parameters that would need to be searchable (e.g., language, location, type of project it was conducted on, issues included in the IA); and writing up a brief description of what we think an IAIA repository could be and what the ‘value proposition’ is.

Conduct research with a small number (10-12) IAIA members from different backgrounds to understand whether this concept has utility for members.  Document the research findings.

Draw up a written summary describing the conclusion on whether or not to proceed with this project.  If the recommendation is to proceed, develop a plan for how to proceed. 

Please note that this project does not involve actually developing the repository – it is a feasibility study only.  Developing the repository would comprise a separate project. 

Skills required by applicant:

Familiarity with integrated assessments;

Familiarity with the regulatory IA process;

High skill level with Microsoft Word and Excel;

Reliable access to a computer and the internet;

High degree of skill in searching for information online;

Strong attention to detail;

Fluency in English;

Strong writing skills.

Hard deadlines:










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