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Compendium of National EIA Regulators and Regulations

Proejct ID: 19

Project Title: Compendium of National EIA Regulators and Regulations

Summary of project:

We will develop a searchable compendium of the names of and contact information for national regulatory agencies, and where country-level EIA regulations can be found.

Project Supervisor: Marla Orenstein

Project Details:

Tel: 403-451-0097

Application closing date: 23 February

Section, committee, etc.: Publications Committee

Estimated time required to comoplete the project: 60-80 hours in total. This project may be split among more than one applicant, depending on workload.


Currently, there is no single source that lists, for each country, the name of the regulatory agency and where relevant regulations can be found.  This project involves creating such a guide.  It is anticipated that this guide will be useful to IAIA’s membership and will help create value for our organization.

Description of tasks:

The member and supervisor will work together to:

a) decide on what country-level information will be useful to collect (e.g., the name of the national-level agency that is in charge of EIA legislation, contact info and a link to the agency’s website, and a link to the EIA regulations themselves);

b) develop a framework for housing data collected (e.g., Excel spreadsheet); and

c) identify information sources.

The member will then undertake research to collect the data and populate the compendium.

Finally, we will work on formatting the compendium attractively to create a useful final product for members.

Skills required by applicant:

High skill level with Microsoft Word and Excel;

Reliable access to a computer and the internet;

High degree of skill in searching for information online;

Strong attention to detail;

Familiarity with languages other than English would be an asset;

Experience of having used/reviewed EIA regulations in at least one country would be helpful.

Hard deadlines:

Would like to get this completed before March 31.









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