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HIA for Spatial Planning in Wakefield - Lessons from Over Eleven Years of Practice

  • Presenter(s): John Wilcox and Brendan Aikman

    Recorded: 12 March 2024

    Facilitator(s): Ryngan Pyper

    This webinar, delivered by John Wilcox and Brendan Aikman from Wakefield Council's Public Health team, provided an overview of the development, implementation, evaluation, and update of their HIA for Planning framework.
    The presentation explored how Wakefield Council (UK) established and put this framework into practice over a decade ago. It then examined the process of evaluating, reviewing, and updating the framework in early 2024, considering the significant changes that occurred in England's local government and spatial planning landscapes during that period.
    John Wilcox and Brendan Aikman shared valuable insights gained throughout this journey. They covered topics such as integrating the framework into local planning policies, engaging key partners, and addressing weaknesses identified in the original framework.
    The webinar catered to planners, public health professionals, land developers, and others interested in the connection between spatial planning and public health, as well as those with a general interest in health impact assessment.

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