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Minimizing Risk in the Valuation of Unregistered Land for Infrastructure Projects

  • Presenter(s): Ben Elder & Satoshi Ishihara

    Recorded: 5 December 2023

    Ben Elder - Chartered Valuation Surveyor and expert in policy development
    Satoshi Ishihara - World Bank expert in development projects.

    This webinar delved into the complex field of property valuation, focusing specifically on unregistered and customary lands. 

    Key Takeaways:
    Foundational Knowledge: Participants gained a strong grasp of basic principles and approaches to property valuation, including the definition and limitations of "market value."
    Valuing Intangible Assets: The webinar explored how intangible assets differ in valuation and the unique approaches required for their assessment.
    Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Nuances of assessing risk associated with unregistered and customary lands were discussed, alongside practical options for mitigating those risks.
    Technology Integration: Participants learned how to leverage technology to create a sentiment index for framing their valuation analysis.
    Future Research Opportunities: Avenues for further research and exploration in this field were identified.
    The focus of the webinar was on incorporating unregistered and customary lands into market decision-making in a fair and equitable manner. Strategies to enhance equity and fairness in the valuation and compensation of such lands were also addressed.
    This webinar concluded with a brief Q&A session.

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