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Theme Forum - Think Big: 2050 City Megagrowth — Assessing and Addressing the Impacts - Part II

  • Presenter(s): Weston Fisher, Ahmed Sanda, Garry Middle, Philippa Burmeister, Willemien Van Niekerk, Jeremy Gorelick

    Recorded: 3 MAR - 1 AUG 2023

    Facilitator(s): Heather M. H. Goldstone, Woodwell Climate Change Research Center

    This is Part II of the Virtual Forum Think Big: 2050 City Megagrowth: Assessing and Addressing the Impacts and reviews the potential impacts of megacity urbanization to 2050 and beyond on climate as well as other planetary boundary issues. It also examines potential preferred alternatives for mitigating these impacts through IA processes, particularly Strategic Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and long-term Cumulative Effects Assessment (CEA). We are designing each session to be on topics/issues of interest to general audiences, IA practitioners, urban and regional planners (and hopefully policymakers).

    Two pre-recorded panel presentations were released in July, followed by this free 75-min live panel discussion with real-time Q&A with attendees and moderated by Heather M. H. Goldstone of Woodwell Climate Change Research Center.


    Heather M. H. Goldstone, Woodwell Climate Change Research Center


    • Weston Fisher, Co-chair of IAIA’s Climate Change Section
    • Garry Middle, VisionEnvironment 
    • Ahmed Sanda, Ashawa Consultancy Ltd. Nigeria
    • Philippa Burmeister, SRK Consulting 
    • Willemien Van Niekerk, South Africa Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR’s), Green Book tool 
    • Jeremy Gorelick, Johns Hopkins University
    Visit the Theme Forum webpage for more details.

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