International Association for Impact Assessment

Food Security in Impact Assessment

  • Presenter(s): Jill Blakley and Veronica Rohr

    Recorded: 20 JUN 2023

    Facilitator(s): Juan Carlos Tejeda-Gonzalez

    Food Security is a basic global issue for achieving sustainable development, which has not been fully understood within the environmental impact assessment. However, because of its main role within the global Sustainable Development Goals, food security must be properly assessed in any activity around the world that affects any element of the food security system.

    This one-hour webinar recording is targeted to academics, practitioners and authorities interested in food security that want to learn more about how to integrate food security assessment within environmental impact assessment, mainly in regional or strategic level environmental assessments. It discusses the four pillars of food security (availability, access, utilization, and stability) options to integrate food security considerations in each stage of an impact assessment, including the need for an interdisciplinary approach and attention to food security systems, avoiding disciplinary silos.

    The webinar has a keynote presentation summarizing the recent IAPA’s FasTip No. 24 “Food Security in Impact Assessment” and “Integrating Food Security into Impact Assessment: A Primer.” The moderator is Juan Carlos Tejeda-Gonzalez, PhD (Co-chair IAIA AFF Section, University of Colima, Mexico), joined by presenters Jill Blakley, PhD (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) and Veronica Rohr, MA (University of Saskatchewan, Canada).

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