International Association for Impact Assessment

New approaches to longstanding challenges: Emerging technologies and analyses for biodiversity impact assessment

  • Presenter(s): Jessica Deichmann, Debra Zanewich and Ariel Cuschnir

    Recorded: 29 MAR 2022

    Facilitator(s): Tremaine Gregory

    This webinar recording demonstrates clear applications of existing technologies and emerging analyses in impact mitigation and biodiversity monitoring and evaluation. It presents evidence-based case studies that highlight the use of different hardware combined with diverse analytical approaches, including artificial intelligence. Case studies from tropical ecosystems include mitigating the impact of artificial light at night on insects, using passive acoustic monitoring to improve impact quantification and biodiversity monitoring, employing drones to monitor target species in a project area, and using image recognition to classify fish for freshwater monitoring.

    We expect these case studies will stimulate ideas among audience members about how they can apply new tools and analyses to their own work, across diverse sectors and ecosystems.

    This webinar is moderated by Tremaine Gregory (Program Scientist, Smithsonian Institution), joined by presenters Jessica Deichmann (Program Scientist, Smithsonian Institution), Debra Zanewich (Co-chair, IAIA Washington Area Branch), and Ariel Cuschnir (Co-chair, IAIA Washington Area Branch).

    The target audience spans impact assessment professionals: evaluators, scientists, assessors, managers, financiers. The presentation is also of interest to students and industry professionals interested in learning about recent advances in monitoring and impact mitigation.

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