International Association for Impact Assessment

Setting up a successful IA consulting business

  • Presenter(s): Ana Maria Esteves, Ahmed Sanda, Randy Krichbaum

    Recorded: 27 JAN 2022

    Facilitator(s): Marla Orenstein

    This is the first of the Professional Success Webinar Series, available only to IAIA members. To view the full session recording click here. You will be required to log in to your IAIA member account to gain access.

    Several experienced consultants share their insights on how to get started in consulting, how to network, how to get on bid lists, the role of partnering, what administrative pieces are critical, and how to ensure a steady pipeline of work. This webinar has useful tips both for those who have been consultants a long time and those who are considering it for the first time. Moderator (and IAIA President) Marla Orenstein is joined by panelists Ana Maria Esteves (Community Insights Group, Netherlands), Ahmed Sanda (Ashawa Consults Ltd, Nigeria) and Randy Krichbaum (Eagle Cap Consulting Ltd, Canada).

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