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Digital IA: Exploring Envigo and iReport – Examples of Digital IA Workspaces

  • Presenter(s): Nikola Nikacevic (EON+), Paul Eijssen (Royal Haskoning DHV), and Tom Moekotte (Royal Haskoning DHV)

    Recorded: 9 MAR 2022

    Facilitator(s): Josh Fothergill

    This is the recording of the first free webinar in IAIA - FothergillTC Digital Impact Assessment Webinar Series, which delves deeper into specific areas and examples of practice as identified and discussed in their late 2021 report on The State of Digital IA Practice.

    The webinar provides two examples of Digital IA Workspaces – this term emerged from the 2020 report by the UK Connected Places Catapult Digitizing the EIA Process – defined as: “A standardized collaboration space for coordinating the EIA and writing the Environmental Statement.”

    In this area of the market considerable innovation, exploration and development has begun to occur with IA professionals working with IT professionals who have created dedicated digital systems that seek to house all/part of the collaboration and exchange activities that occur within the IA process.

    The webinar is chaired by Josh Fothergill (lead author of the State of Digital IA Practice) who introduces the concept of digital IA workspaces. After which two 25min examples of digital IA systems are presented:

    • Envigo: a cloud-based digital EIA/ESIA platform, created by EON+ is presented by founder & CEO Nikola Nikacevic. He demonstrates how Envigo allows the various stages of IA to be undertaken and managed within the platform, from presenting data, providing assessment methods, and applying customizable impacts / significance scoring, to visualizing effects and applying reporting templates.
    • iReport: a web-based application that provides a whole range of visual and interactive information to ensure your plan for a complex multi-stakeholder project is manageable and accessible to all target groups. Paul Eijssen Royal Hakoning DHV’s strategic consultant on digital IA and a leading professional in this area discusses and demonstrates the iReport’s application and functionality, together with Tom Moekotte (Internal Process Advisor).

    The final 20-30mins of the webinar are dedicated to a facilitated discussion with the speakers by the Chair, with Q&A.

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