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Online Training Courses

Online Training Courses


IAIA is proud to debut its newest training opportunity, Online Training Courses, for people working in environmental, social, or health impact assessment or related fields.

While IAIA has a rich history of offering in-person training courses on a variety of impact assessment topics as part of its annual conference, we have successfully transitioned these courses into an online format. Instruction is broken down into smaller segments better suited for online learning and typically spans two to three weeks.

Our Online Training Courses have been well-received by a diverse community of learners, including IAIA members and non-members. Please note that IAIA members enjoy special pricing discounts. Upon successful course completion, all participants will receive certificates to recognize their achievement.

Conflict Management & Resolution in Environmental Impact Assessment Projects

Conflict Management & Resolution in Environmental Impact Assessment Projects

Make sure to check that the time of this course works for you in your time zone.
Course tuition: USD$480 members/$580 non-members
Registration Deadline: 4 March 2024
Registration Instructions: Register online using a credit card. To pay via wire, choose the invoice option at checkout. 
If dates or times do not work for you, click here to be placed on announcement email list for future offerings of this course.

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“I've worked in environmental assessment and related fields for 25 years, during which time the discipline has evolved, expanded, learned and, at least sometimes, made a difference. IAIA provides a vital forum for professionals in this volatile field to benefit from each others' experiences and add value to their own work.”

Jack Krohn, Australia

“IAIA is THE place to be for impact assessment people.”

Frank Vanclay, Netherlands

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