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Designer/technical support specialist needed

  • Help with instructional design and course development

    Designer/technical support specialist needed

    The IAIA Professional Development Program (PDP) is an online program designed to provide EIA training for individuals involved in carrying out, reviewing or otherwise participating in EIA studies of projects.

    The PDP is currently seeking designer/technical support specialist to provide the following services:

    • Provide instructional design, course development and implementation support to existing and new online courses for IAIA’s Professional Development Program.
    • Work with the web-based Moodle platform, in conjunction with IAIA’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Content Development Teams, to design and implement instructionally-sound web-based content for courses.
    • For new courses, guide the SMEs through the content authoring process, advising on product instructional components and helping to identify and implement appropriate graphics, appropriate learning activities and feedback, and learning evaluation within the courses.  Build, or support the SMEs in building, online courses with the developed content.
    • Provide technical support to ongoing course administration and implementation activities, in particular to address and solve issues with online course delivery in liaison with the site hosting company.
    • Contribute to the IAIA PDP course development cycle; review completed product for instructional integrity and conformance with IAIA product standards and strategies.
    • Under overall IAIA management oversight, report to and be directed by the IAIA Course Directors for all courses.

    On average, this position will require 5 hours per week; compensation is negotiable. For more information, please contact Kayla Deitch

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