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    Honoring the Guardians of our Future: Celebrating Environmental Professionals Day 2024

    April 15 marks the fifth annual Environmental Professionals Day, a tribute to those who dedicate their careers to protecting the Earth's resources and fostering sustainable communities. Founded by the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) and the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), this day was instituted to recognize the individuals around the world who work daily to create a just and sustainable world for all living things. 

    In the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, whose birthday was also April 15, Environmental Professionals Day honors those who observe and interact with our world with the same blend of curiosity and wisdom. “da Vinci was a master of many disciplines, including the sciences, making his birthday the perfect day to recognize environmental professionals” said Michael Mayer, NAEP President. From scientists to healthcare experts, these dedicated individuals work tirelessly to uphold environmental, health, social, and safety standards, ensuring a balanced ecosystem and quality of life for present and future generations.”

     "The intricate work of environmental professionals often goes unnoticed, but its impact resonates in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the communities we cherish," said Gary Baker, CEO of IAIA. “Today, we celebrate their commitment and invite everyone to join us in expressing gratitude.”
    Here's how you can participate in celebrating Environmental Professionals Day 2024:

    • Amplify Their Voice: Share this announcement or create your own message on social media, using the hashtag #EnviroProsDay2024.
    • Spotlight the Impact: Post about an environmental professional you admire, detailing their contributions and tagging #EnviroProsDay2024.
    • Tell Their Story: Write a short biography of an environmental colleague or other professional and share how they make a difference, using #EnviroProsDay2024.
    • Broadcast Their Insights: Share articles authored by or featuring environmental professionals to spread awareness and appreciation.
    For more information on how to engage, download the IAIA Environmental Professionals Day Media Kit.

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