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    Bioplastics: sustainable solution or distraction from the plastic waste crisis?
    From Chipotle’s compostable burrito bowls to Coca Cola’s plant-based bottles to supermarkets’ opaque produce bags, bioplastics are proliferating across the food industry. And not just there:  they are cropping up in car cushions, electronics, clothing, building supplies and more. But bioplastics haven’t fully lived up to the hype of faster decomposition rates, safer materials and smaller carbon footprints.

    A better handle on the emissions budget for the Paris climate targets
    Scientists have found a new way to calculate the total carbon emissions consistent with the Paris climate targets of 1.5 degrees Celsius and 2 degrees Celsius of global warming. The new study answers the question: how much carbon have we got left before we pass the Paris limits?

    Studies still uncovering true extent of 2019-20 Australia wildfire catastrophe
    Fresh research published in early 2024 continues to uncover the true cost on biodiversity, the economy and public health triggered by unprecedented wildfires that swept Australia in late 2019 and early 2020.

    Earth Prize finalists announced
    Banana-based nappies, a pioneering water filter that uses fungi, and a web application that predicts flooding are among the Earth Prize finalists announced this week. Now in its third year, the competition celebrates young people (aged 13-19) who are innovating to save the planet. Run by the Earth Foundation, it attracted entries from 10,000 teens from more than 2,000 schools in over 100 countries.

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