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    In the news

    Key COP28 draft document says countries must show progress on adapting to climate change by 2030: By 2025, all countries must have in place a detailed plan to adapt to the current and future impacts of climate change in their countries, and must demonstrate progress in implementing such a plan by 2030, Sunday’s draft of a key climate document said.

    Report:  Despite progress, small share of climate pledge went to Indigenous groups: A report from funders of a $1.7 billion pledge to support Indigenous peoples and local communities’ land rights made at the 2021 U.N. climate conference found that 48% of the financing was distributed. The findings also show that only 2.1% of the funding went directly to Indigenous peoples and local communities.

    Five ways communities are adapting to the climate crisis:  This year, humanity came face to face with an ever-worsening climate crisis, as wildfires, storms and floods caused devastation around the world. From Cambodia to Peru, a suite of innovative projects are helping communities weather a range of climate-related perils. Here is a closer look at five of those efforts.

    55 cultural practices added to UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage:  The U.N.'s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has added 55 new inscriptions to its Intangible Cultural Heritage List for 2023, in an effort to safeguard traditional art, dance, food, craftmanship and rites of passage. "It is no longer just a matter of monuments, sites or stones. The convention recognizes that heritage is also alive - that it can be sung, written, listened to and touched," said UNESCO's Director General, Audrey Azoulay.

    New doubts over coral, safety at planned Olympic surf venue:  The president of French Polynesia has questioned whether 2024 Olympic surfing can go ahead at the planned site in Tahiti, saying he was concerned about safety and damage to coral from a planned judging tower.


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