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Free webinar Tuesday: Food security in impact assessment, plus new FasTips and more

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    Free webinar Tuesday: Food security in impact assessment, plus new FasTips and more

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    Join us this Tuesday, 20 June, at 18:00 UTC to learn more about how to integrate food security assessment within EIA, mainly in regional or strategic level environmental assessments. This free, one-hour webinar will discuss the four pillars of food security (availability, access, utilization, and stability) to integrate food security considerations. Register now to get the calendar invite and access instructions.

    IAIA24: Call for session proposals
    Were you inspired by the presentations of IAIA23? Consider submitting your own session idea for IAIA24! The Program Committee seeks engaging, insightful sessions that will inspire attendees to submit a presentation as soon as they read your session description. Proposals are invited through 24 July. IAIA24 will be held 24-27 April 2024 in Dublin, Ireland.

    Urmila Jha-Thakur appointed IAPA editor
    IAIA is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Urmila Jha-Thakur as the new editor of Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal (IAPA). Urmila will begin her term on 1 July 2023.We extend our sincere thanks to the outgoing editor, Prof. Thomas Fischer, for his dedicated service to IAPA since 2016.

    Key citations editor sought
    IAIA features a series of key citations, publications providing a source of readily accessible information representing core literature for people wanting to learn more about a subfield of impact assessment. We are currently seeking an editor; please contact for more information.

    Award nominations are open!
    It is an honor for IAIA to present awards recognizing the hard work done each day to promote IA awareness and best practice around the globe. Please help us do this by nominating a person or an entity that you feel is dedicated to excellence in IA (neither you nor the nominee needs to be an IAIA member). Nominations for the 2024 Awards are invited through 1 September.

    Free webinar: Digital IA: Enhanced Environmentally Integrated Design
    The fourth webinar in the Digital IA Series will explore how Atkins is using data and digital technology to enable the environment to have an earlier and sustained role in the design and construction of infrastructure schemes. Join us for this free, 90-minute event on 6 July at 11:30 UTC.

    NEW! IAIA FasTips on Psycho-Social Impact Assessment

    Psycho-social impacts that are overlooked can contribute to greater opposition to a project, conflict, and poorer long-term outcomes for affected communities. FasTips No. 27, “Psycho-Social Impact Assessment,” is now available. The FasTips series offers practical clarification on frequently asked questions and is particularly useful for a quick look when there is no time for investigating or reviewing others' experiences or formal guidances.

    How to use keywords to write your title and abstract
    Writing your title and abstract are often the final things you do before you submit an article. However, it is very important not to rush this process as they are both crucial for making your article easy to discover and telling readers what they can expect to learn. Follow this advice from Taylor & Francis, publisher of IAIA's journal, IAPA, to help you choose your keywords, and make sure your title and abstract are as effective as possible.

    Tokyo plan likened to putting ‘skyscrapers’ in Central Park
    The Jingu Gaien area in central Tokyo is a cultural and historic treasure, a mostly green space set aside almost 100 years ago with private donations to honor Japan’s famous Meiji Emperor. With the tacit support of Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, a real estate company is planning to redevelop the green enclave with a pair of high-rise towers. “One of the major problems in the process of the EIA for the Jingu Gaien redevelopment project is the lack of scientific analysis of the ecosystem of the park,” Harashina said. Sachihiko Harashina is a member and Past President of IAIA.

    Net fishing to be banned on the Great Barrier Reef
    Gillnet fishing on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is to be phased out within four years as part of a multi-million dollar conservation package. “This announcement is shaping up as a globally significant moment for ocean conservation, fisheries management and the Great Barrier Reef - one of the natural wonders of the world,” said Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of WWF-Australia.

    First steps agreed on plastics treaty after breakthrough at Paris talks
    Delegates from 180 nations have taken the first concrete step toward a legally binding global treaty to regulate plastic, described as the most important green deal since the 2015 international climate agreement. The treaty has an unusually ambitious timescale for globally binding agreements, with the next round of talks in Kenya scheduled for this year, and the final agreement planned for late 2024..

    UN calls for concerted action as forced displacement hits new high
    The full-scale war in Ukraine, alongside other conflict and climate-driven upheaval, meant more people than ever remained uprooted from their homes last year, heightening the urgency for immediate, collective action to alleviate the global crisis, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said on Wednesday. The agency’s flagship annual report found that by the end of 2022, the number of people displaced by war, persecution, violence, and human rights abuses stood at a record 108.4 million.

    AEEIA: Gestión adaptativa de la EIA en el ciclo de vida del proyecto: mejoras en la biodiversidad y generación de servicios ecosistémicos. 22 June 2023. Mérida, Spain.

    Industry Transforms—Towards Circular economy: KTH Transformation Day 2023. 19 October 2023. Stockholm, Sweden.


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