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IAIA CEO search: Apply by 18 November

  • Download the position brief to find out more

    IAIA CEO search: Apply by 18 November

    Message from the President:
    Search process for IAIA CEO begins

    The search for IAIA’s next CEO has started. Download the position brief for the role here. IAIA has retained the services of Kinvara Partners to assist us in the search process.
    Since the resignation of our Executive Director, the Board has been working intensively to assess what kind of profile would best serve the organization at this moment in time. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the current and new members of IAIA find their affiliation as a means to further grow as professionals as well as a platform to promote our mission as the leaders in impact assessment internationally. This requires a strong, capable leader that can work with the Board, the IAIA staff, and most importantly with each of its members to make the association thrive.
    There are many things that we would like to see in our next CEO. One thing that is non-negotiable is a values alignment with IAIA. As stated in the brief, the successful candidate will have “the highest personal and professional standards, integrity, and values, accompanied by an authentic belief in the social, economic, and environmental benefits of impact assessment and IAIA’s commitment to sustainable and equitable development.”
    In addition, there are five key competency areas that together will help us deliver on IAIA’s vision, mission, and values:

    • Public thought leadership: Maximize IAIA’s impact and reputation at the leading edge of impact assessment as a professional discipline, making the case for impact assessment and powerfully promoting IAIA’s role and its current and future contribution.
    • Driving IAIA’s leadership as a membership body: Deliver value, quality, and relevance as a best-in-class professional membership body that serves, represents, and increases opportunities for its members.
    • Commercial leadership: Develop and maximize IAIA’s financial and commercial strength in a responsible and sustainable way. It is critical that the next CEO bring extensive and demonstrated experience in this area.
    • Strategic leadership: Manage risk, manage the Board, and develop strategy.
    • Operational, financial, and team leadership: Responsible for the implementation and performance measurement of IAIA’s operations and management.
    The role is not confined to a particular geographical location but will be expected to maintain close engagement with the IAIA team in Fargo and Washington DC, the Board, and IAIA membership both in person and virtually.
    Please feel free to share this posting with anyone who you feel might be a strong candidate. Individuals interested in applying should do so by sending their CV/resume and a short covering letter to Robin Murray Brown of Kinvara Partners ( The closing date for applications is 18 November 2022.
    Grateful for all your support and commitment,
    Gabriela Factor
    IAIA President

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