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IAIA23: Session proposals due in two weeks

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    IAIA23: Session proposals due in two weeks

    IAIA23: Session proposals due in two weeks
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    Keep the momentum of IAIA22 going! If you were inspired by the discussions or have a great idea for a new session, please consider making a proposal for IAIA23. IAIA23 will offer more than 20 topical streams, so there is something for everyone. Proposals for sessions are invited through 28 July.
    IAIA23, “Resilience through impact assessment and leadership,” will be held 8-11 May 2023 in Kuching, Malaysia.

    Register now! Climate change symposium in South Africa
    Join us in Cape Town this September for “Celsius 1.5: Impact Assessment and Climate Change.” We will explore the intersection between climate change and IA, along with best practices in resilient and low-carbon cities and Africa’s transition to a low-carbon economy. A related training course, technical tour, and workshop will also be offered.

    Webinar recording: Western Australia's transformation to digital EAs
    The latest webinar in our Digital Impact Assessment Series is now available for on-demand viewing. Access the recording to learn about Western Australia’s Shared Analytic Framework for the Environment (SAFE), a "next-step" data and digital solution that assists both project and strategic IA.

    Help us recognize innovation in impact assessment
    Do you know someone who deserves an award? Is there an organization or company that has made a difference through their contributions to impact assessment? Help us recognize them with an IAIA award! Anyone can submit nominations for the 2023 IAIA Awards. IAIA has seven award categories, and nominating is quick and easy with the online form.

    Online training courses starting soon
    Register now for these live, virtual IAIA courses:
    Strategic thinking for sustainability (ST4S) in SEA and SA
    Effective engagement in impact assessment
    Smarter monitoring and auditing

    New: Health translations and IA Follow-up update available

    IAIA is pleased to announce the translation of Special Publication Series No. 5, “Health International Best Practice Principles” into French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Thanks to IAIA member Mirko Winkler for coordinating and producing the translations, and to IAIA members Jos Arts and Angus Morrison-Saunders for their update of the “Impact Assessment Follow-up Best Practice Principles.”

    Update on SEA Guidance for Renewable Energy
    Now available: an Inception Report outlining Phase I of the initiative to prepare SEA Guidance for the Renewable Energy Sector. Part of the Climate Change Action Plan organized by IAIA’s Climate Change Section, Phase I was funded by Impact Assessment Agency of Canada and International Finance Corporation and discusses next steps.

    G7 agrees to establish “Climate Club” amid energy security concerns
    The Climate Club will seek to advance ambitious and transparent climate change mitigation policies towards climate neutrality, transform industries to accelerate decarbonization, and boost international ambition through partnerships and cooperation.

    What do we need to save the SDGs ahead of 2030?
    The world is approaching the midway point of the pursuit to achieve the transformational 2030 Agenda. Six and a half years after the agenda officially came into force, one must ask, what does the world have to show? The latest progress report indicates that the world is far off track meeting the Goals by 2030.

    Amsterdam’s airport is the first to limit its total flights to fight climate change
    Beginning in late 2023, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport will have fewer flights than it did before the pandemic. The Dutch government is capping the number of flights that are allowed per year to help reduce pollution—making the airport the first in the world to limit flights in response to climate change.

    Once facing extinction, massive fin whales have returned to Antarctic waters
    In 1982, the International Whaling Commissions voted to ban commercial whaling, and in recent years, scientists have seen fin whales starting to make a comeback. The whales’ return comes at a time when sea creatures are increasingly imperiled by climate change.

    How to Write an EIR: A Webinar. 28 July 2022. Online.

    Impact Assessment Symposium: Getting on the front foot in a changing world. 5-6 September 2022. Adelaide, Australia.
    EIK Annual Environmental Conference: “Can Planet Earth Stay Afloat for Intergenerational Equity? Our Obligation.” 17-18 November 2022. Nairobi, Kenya.

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