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Call for training course proposals

  • Save the date for this climate change symposium, September 2022 in South Africa

    Call for training course proposals

    Save the date for Celsius 1.5: Impact Assessment and Climate Change, an international symposium to be held 27-28 September 2022 in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. A pre-symposium training course and technical tour are also planned. This IAIA symposium will be held in collaboration with local host and organizer IAIAsa.

    Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the event website, program details, abstract submissions, and more.

    In the meantime, IAIA invites proposals for a training course to be offered in conjunction with this symposium. The course will be held in-person in Cape Town on 26 September 2022. Topics related to climate change, such as integrating climate change into impact assessment, are requested. The course is to be presented on-site in English; proposals must also be submitted in English.

    Training course proposals are due 5 April 2022. Review the full submission instructions here, along with additional tips and comments on the proposal process here.


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