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New biodiversity publication, 7 women saving the planet, and more

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    New biodiversity publication, 7 women saving the planet, and more

    New FasTips available for download
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    Connecting people’s wellbeing and biodiversity in impact assessment is the latest in the IAIA FasTips series, which offers practical clarification on frequently asked questions and is particularly useful for a quick look when there is no time for investigating or reviewing formal guidances.

    Join the 800+ IA professionals already registered for IAIA21
    Register now to join us virtually at IAIA21: Smartening Impact Assessment in Challenging Times (18-21 May 2021). Attend live plenaries and simulive sessions, enjoy on-demand viewing of over 400 presentations, access exhibits and sponsors, network at coffee breaks, and more. Thank you to these IAIA21 supporters: European Investment Bank, Red Eléctrica de España, Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, Norad, Generalitat de Catalunya, and Tragsa.

    Exhibitor Opportunities for IAIA21
    Virtual exhibit booths have replaced traditional exhibit booths for IAIA21. Add your logo, company bio, videos/photos, and links. Engage with delegates via polls, a public chat, virtual business cards, and more. Premier exhibitors also receive exclusive access to virtual trade show hours to visually “meet” booth visitors privately or in groups. Check out the booth tour demo video and more information on the IAIA21 Exhibitors page.

    Want more exposure at IAIA21? Become a conference sponsor!
    Four contribution levels offer a wide variety of benefits, including free registrations, logo placements, custom messages to delegates, and your own page within the event to post your materials. To maximize your engagement with delegates, take advantage of the sponsor’s booth discount and add a Premier booth to your package. Check out the IAIA21 Sponsorship page for a detailed breakdown of benefits and items you can sponsor.

    IAIA staff working remotely
    Until further notice, IAIA staff continue to work remotely to provide uninterrupted member service to the greatest extent possible. Please email if you need to reach us, as we are not in the office to take phone calls.

    COVID fallout “undermining nature conservation efforts”
    COVID-19 is taking a "severe toll" on conservation efforts, with multiple environmental protections being rolled back, according to research. Conservation efforts have been reduced in more than half of Africa's protected areas and a quarter of those in Asia, said the IUCN.

    Meet seven women saving the planet
    The 8 March International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to reflect on women’s contributions as caretakers of people and nature, defending environmental and human rights and representing the interests of those whose voices may otherwise go unheard.

    Banning the sale of wild meat might actually make pandemics more likely
    New research by a cross-disciplinary group of conservation scientists from the University of Oxford suggests that far from solving the problem, a ban may actually make things worse, exacerbating the public health risks and driving as many as 267 species to extinction.

    Humanity’s penchant to waste food is trashing the planet
    The next time you pour expired milk down the drain or throw away wilted vegetables, consider how this waste could have been avoided. A new report from UNEP finds the world is in the grip of an epidemic of food wastage.

    Summer could last six months by 2100, study finds
    Scientists say the shift in seasons will likely have significant impacts on agriculture, the environment, human health, and the timing of species’ activities such as breeding, feeding, and migration.

    After steep drop in early 2020, global carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded strongly
    The Covid-19 crisis in 2020 triggered the largest annual drop in global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions since the Second World War, according to IEA data released 4 March, but the overall decline of about 6% masks wide variations depending on the region and the time of year.

    OAIA: UNDRIP & Impact Assessment: Opportunities & Challenges for Reconciliation. 30 March 2021. Winter webinar (online).

    NZAIA: Assessing social impacts for improved decision making. 21-22 April 2021. Christchurch, New Zealand.


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