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Save the Date: UK Water Symposium

  • Check out the first announcement for this August 2016 symposium.

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    SAVE THE DATE:  31 August - 2 September 2016

    IAIA Special Symposium

    Water and Impact Assessment: Investment, Infrastructure, Legacy

    Lincoln, England, United Kingdom


    Water is the most important resource on this planet, and a significant proportion of global investment and infrastructure is concerned with ensuring its supply, management, quality, and transportation.  Every €1 invested in clean water can yield €4–€13 in economic returns, but when its use becomes unsustainable and its supply limited, polluted, or even too abundant during flood events, our society and its infrastructure can fail. 

    All forms of development interact with water at a physical, policy, regulatory, social, or cultural level.  In the face of future climate change adaptation and mitigation, new infrastructure will need to be resilient to both current and future hydrological risks. The impact assessment (IA) of water effects for new infrastructure or water-relevant policies, plans, and programmes (through EIA or SEA, for example) is a complex and critical step within the appraisal of investment, operational, or future sustainable management cycles. 

    This IAIA special symposium, Water and Impact Assessment: Investment, Infrastructure, Legacy, to be held 31 August-2 September 2016 in Lincoln, England, UK, aims to:

    • Advance a multidisciplinary discussion about the challenges and opportunities associated with the management of water-related impacts across investment sectors.
    • Support IA professionals in effectively meeting challenges associated with water IA, management, and planning.
    • Promote new approaches in impact assessment.

    Check out the first announcement now for details, and stay tuned for the preliminary program, call for abstracts, and more to be posted in the coming weeks.


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