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Abstracts due, COVID and IA guest blog posts, and more

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    Abstracts due, COVID and IA guest blog posts, and more

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    IAIA21, “Smartening Impact Assessment in Challenging Times,” is scheduled to take place 18-21 May 2021 in Seville, Spain. We are closely monitoring the worldwide situation surrounding COVID-19 and are simultaneously considering various conference formats should an alternative be necessary. Rest assured the event will be moving forward, in one way or another! See the video messages by IAIA President Ben Cave (English) and Conference Chair Iñigo Sobrini (Spanish) on the IAIA21 home page (right hand column) for more information and how you can provide feedback.

    Do you have a great new project to share? Has COVID-19 affected your work? IAIA21 paper and poster abstract submissions are open now through 29 October. Papers and posters from IAIA20 will be carried over to IAIA21, but we are also accepting new presentations. If you want to update or withdraw last year’s submission, please contact Jen.

    COVID-19 and IA: Join the conversation

    Check out these thought-provoking guest blog posts on IAIA's News page (and Members, join the related conversations in IAIAConnect!): "Unless it changes, impact assessment risks becoming irrelevant" (Charles Kelly); "The world is pivoting due to COVID-19. Should IA as well?" (Peter Croal); and "Don’t blame the bats" (Susie Brownlie and Jo Treweek).

    Innovation Grants awarded

    Congratulations to IAIA’s 2020 Innovation Grant recipients: Members Josh Fothergill and Jo Murphy for research and reporting on "The State of Digital Impact Assessment Practice" and corporate member Gaia Consult, Inc. on "How/Has the COVID-19 situation changed public consultation practices in ESIA?" Check out some past grant recipients here.

    Global Giving project updates

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to help IAIA meet its US$5,000 challenge on Global Giving for our project “Build Sustainability Skills of Ten African Leaders.” Only US$700 is still needed to meet the US$6,000 goal. You can review the project and give here. The Climate Change Action Plan’s project “Wise Climate Change Action Using Impact Assessment” is fundraising, too. Read more here.

    IAIA staff working remotely

    Until further notice, IAIA staff continue to work remotely to provide uninterrupted member service to the greatest extent possible. Please email if you need to reach us, as we are not in the office to take phone calls.

    Writing a journal article: editors' advice

    There's a lot to think about when it comes to writing a journal article, whether it's your first time getting published or you're more experienced. IAIA’s journal publisher, Taylor & Francis, has a guide that curates the best advice from some of their editors on what to think about before you start writing.

    RBC becomes first major Canadian bank to refuse to fund oil drilling in Arctic refuge

    Canada’s largest bank, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), has quietly become the first major financial institution in the country to refuse to fund any oil and gas development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska.

    Fraction of money earmarked for COVID-19 recovery could boost climate efforts

    Global stimulus plans for economic recovery after the pandemic could easily cover climate-friendly policies, suggests new study.

    Indonesia is putting business before the environment and that could be disastrous for its rainforests

    To aid its coronavirus-hit economy, Indonesia's parliament has passed a controversial and sweeping jobs law that environmentalists say will have a disastrous impact on the country's forests and rich biodiversity.

    As Brazil burns, Indigenous fire brigades face an uncertain future

    “If the government has any wisdom, a program with the magnitude of the Indigenous brigades will never end,” says Pedro Paulo Xerente, the first Indigenous fire brigade manager in the country.

    Celebrating African youth turning the tide on plastic pollution

    On 16 October, more than 400 young Africans were honored for their leadership in addressing plastic pollution in their communities as part of the Tide Turners Plastic Challenge.

    Reuters Events Energy Transition Summit. 23-24 November 2020. London, United Kingdom. (virtual and on demand)

    Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference and PhD Symposium. 14-18 December 2020. Auckland, New Zealand. (virtual)

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