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Global Giving Fundraiser Launched

  • <p>Please give generously for our project "Build the Sustainability Skills of Ten African Leaders"</p>

    Global Giving Fundraiser Launched

    Dear IAIA Members and Friends:

    Good news! IAIA has been provisionally accepted as a member of Global Giving, a crowd funding site that has close relationships with about 320 major corporations such as 3M, Dell, Ford, Google, and Microsoft. Global Giving helps these companies expand their philanthropic footprint with global nonprofit vetting, grantmaking, charitable gift cards, and digital campaigns to power cause marketing, disaster response, and employee engagement. IAIA wants to be one of the approved nonprofits for future partnerships with those firms.

    For IAIA to be fully accepted as a member, Global Giving is challenging us to raise US$5,000 total from at least 40 different members and friends during their Accelerator Cycle, which starts on 14 September (13:00 GMT) and ends 30 September (04:00 GMT next day). You can provide a gift at a number of levels starting with US$25, but there is also an option to customize your donation to any amount above or below the levels indicated. Please give here.

    Two of our Board members have committed $500 each toward our project, "Build the Sustainability Skills of Ten African Leaders." That means we are already 20 percent toward our goal. This initiative will pay for five deserving individuals to attend IAIA’s online symposium, "Our Interconnected World: Impact Assessment, Health, and the Environment." It also will pay for five other participants to go through the IAIA Professional Development Program’s "Foundations of Impact Assessment" course in 2021. Lastly, all ten participants will receive IAIA membership with electronic access to IAIA’s journal, Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, and networking opportunities with impact assessment professionals worldwide. Please give here.

    The twenty-third of September (04:00 GMT -15:59 GMT next day) will be a bonus day where your gift will be matched with some portion of $20,000 that will be shared among organizations participating in this cycle of the program. IAIA is a registered charity in the USA, and Global Giving is registered in the UK, so tax benefits will be available to those donors from those countries. Please give here.

    This is an important initiative that will not only benefit environmental leadership in Africa, but will also help IAIA fulfill its mission and raise our profile among major corporate givers. Please give here.


    David Bancroft

    Executive Director

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