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    The Japan Branch was granted permanent Branch status in November 2014.

    Branch Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Takehiko Murayama, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Secretary General of IAIA Japan Branch

    Check out the latest happenings of the Japan Branch below:

    To collaborate with the Chiba University of Commerce, the Japan Branch organized a seminar inviting Professor Stephen F. Lintner, King’s Collage London in February 2015.

    News and topics

    27 February 2015 -- The Japan Branch, collaborating with the Chiba University of Commerce, organized a seminar entitled “The Challenge of Integrating Social Issues into Impact Assessment: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward” inviting Professor Stephen F. Lintner from King’s Collage London, former Senior Technical Adviser of the World Bank. The venue was the satellite campus of CUC located at the CBD of Tokyo. Twenty five experts, practitioners, professors and journalists were participated in the seminar and had active discussion following Professor Linter’s lecture.  


    Prof. Sachihikko Harashina (Dean, Faculty of Policy Informatics at CUC, and Past President of IAIA), Representative of Japan Branch introduced Prof. Stephen F. Lintner from King’s Collage London, former Senior Technical Adviser of the World Bank. And, Prof. Hisahiko Saito, the Chairman of the Doctoral Course of the Graduate School of Policy Studies at CUC, made welcome speech to Prof. Lintner. The seminar was also conducted as the Fourth Policy Studies Forum of the school in the 2014 school year.

    Prof. Lintner emphasized that development involves human beings who have complex behavior at the individual and community level, and they have views and reactions and their behavior cannot be easily predicted, directed or controlled. This makes social issues more complex than environmental issues. He also noted that among impacts and risks of infrastructure development, many of impacts and risks are about social issues. Social impacts and risks are not only about resettlement, land acquisition and indigenous peoples’ issues. Social impacts related projects expand more towards labor issues, cultural heritage, food security, land access, tenurial arrangements and others. He also emphasized importance of transparency and accountability particularly addressing social issues engaging with stakeholders.

    Following the Prof. Lintner’s lecture, there was active discussion about good practices of integration of social issues into the impact assessment, how to integrate both social and environmental issues, which are in charge of different ministries, how to integrate social aspects into the Japanese EIA system and others. Though the seminar was planned for two hours, as the discussion was so heated that it took two and a half hours. Prof. Lintner and Japanese colleagues shared the same view of accountability, e.g. the result of an impact assessment should be reflected to the decision making.

    After the seminar, we continued our discussion over fresh Japanese fish, seafood, tenpura and sake with Prof. Lintner! It was a very joyful dinner time.

    (Photo) From the left to the right, Prof. Harashina and Prof. Lintner are sitting. Prof. Saito is facing Prof. Lintner. Prof. Ohta, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, is also in the right and front of the photo.

    *reported by Sachihiko Harashina and Ikuko Matsumoto

    10 January 2015 – The first annual assembly was held in the Branch at Marunouchi, Tokyo. 21 participants out of 35 members attended and had a discussion about the rule of the Branch and elected the executive members.

    Prof. Dr. Sachihikko Harashina (Chiba University of Commerce, Former President of IAIA), Representative of Japan Branch presented the history, role and mission of the Branch, emphasized that all of us working in EIA field should have a strong commitment to “Code of Ethics”. He also explained IAIA16 which was going to be held in Nagoya-Japan, 2016 and called for necessary support for the conference.

    Prof. Dr. Takehiko Murayama (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Secretary General of Japan Branch, chaired the conference and proposed the following agenda: selection of executives, foundation, and annual plan. All attendees for the first assembly reached an agreement on the agenda.

    Mr. Yoichi Kuwabara (Change Design Works Co. Ltd, Representative Director) and Dr. Kanji Usui (ESC Research, Head), Secretary of Japan Branch explained about two sub-groups which are intended for technical discussion on each theme i.e. “Open Platform for Sustainable Society” and “Environmental and Social Consideration”, respectively.

    After the assembly, we had a Japanese “Nomikai”! (Going for drinks with members) to get know each other.

    Executives of IAIA-Japan (elected on 10 January 2015)

    Prof. Dr. Harashina, Sachihiko (Dean, Chiba University of Commerce)

    Vice Representative:
    Prof. Dr. Tanaka, Akira (Tokyo City University)

    Secretary General:
    Prof. Dr. Murayama, Takehiko (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

    Prof. Kurasaka, Hidefumi (Chiba University)
    Ms. Urago, Akiko (Raven, Consultant)

    Dr. Usui, Kanji (ESC Research, Head)
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nisihikizawa, Shigeo (Tokyo institute of Technology)
    Dr. Shibata, Yuki (Toho University, Lecturer)

    Branches are responsible for their operating structure and activities, and operate separately and independently of IAIA. IAIA is not responsible or liable for the actions or activities of the Branches.


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