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List of academic IA courses worldwide

Project ID: 23

Project Title: List of academic IA courses worldwide

Summary of project:

IAIA wants to develop a mailing list of professors who teach academic courses on impact assessment.You will use your amazing internet-sleuthing skills to help us develop this list!

Project Supervisor: Aaron Goldschmidt

Application closing date: October 12, 2017

Section, committee, etc.: IAIA Board of Directors / Headquarters

Estimated time required to complete the project: 20


This project is a great chance for you to help IAIA while also familiarizing yourself with who is doing what in the world of teaching about impact assessment.  

Behind this project is IAIA's intention to contact those people who are teaching courses on IA to offer bulk memberships to their students.  As a first step, we need to identify who those professors are, and develop a list of their contact details.  

This is anticipated to require only internet searching; if phone calls look needed, we can discuss the best approach.

Description of tasks:

Internet research

Compiling the results in an Excel or Word file in a format we agree on

Skills required by applicant:

Good Googling skills

Strong organization

Excellent spelling

Good eye for detail

Creative problem solving

Multiple languages is an asset

Hard deadlines:

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