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Member survey analysis

Project ID: 22

Project Title: Member survey analysis

Summary of project:

Help IAIA to analyze the results of the member survey that will be conducted in September, and communicate the results to the Board of Directors and IAIA Headquarters

Project Supervisor: Marla Orenstein

Application closing date: September 26, 2017

Section, committee, etc.: Headquarters and Board of Directors

Estimated time required to complete the project: 30


The IAIA member survey is a valuable tool for helping our organization to understand who our members are, and what they need.  It will also provide valuable information on the current state of impact assessment worldwide. The member survey will begin in early September, and will close near the end of September.  

We need help in cleaning and coding some of our results; particularly the open-ended answers.  (The quantitative information from the survey will be cleaned and coded automatically.)  

Description of tasks:

The WEP position entails reviewing the open-ended (qualitative) answers to questions put forward in the member survey.  As part of the survey, there are six open-ended questions, and around 10 questions where the respondent can include an 'other' response and write in their answer.  We will need someone to go through these narrative responses, clean them up, and help us analyze the common themes that emerge.  

Skills required by applicant:

Excellent English skills

Strong organizational skills


Hard deadlines:

We will want to complete the survey analysis by the beginning of November -- so about a 3-4 weeks


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