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Network, share, collaborate & connect with IA professionals around the world! Network, share, collaborate & connect with IA professionals around the world!

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Welcome to IAIA Connect, IAIA's professional networking, communications, and collaboration tool. We think you’ll find it useful in many ways:

For IAIA Section members

  • Post a question or discussion topic for fellow Section members
  • Easily see a directory of all Section members (including photos and profile information)
  • Upload Section-related working documents, visible only to Section members
  • Upload public resources, visible to all IAIA members and visitors
  • Quickly send a message to one or more section members
  • Add events to an online Section calendar

For all IAIA members

  • Join the annual conference group to discuss the upcoming conference
  • Send a message to another member by searching for their name (no need to know their e-mail address)
  • Download resources from the general IAIA Resource center, or from Sections’ Resources
  • "Bookmark" the resources, people, events, or groups you like most into "My Saved Items" for quick reference
  • Communicate on topics of general interest within the "IAIA Members" group
  • Receive updates directly to your e-mail inbox, so you know when to login to IAIA Connect
  • Find other IAIA members with similar interests or expertise using the Member Matching feature
  • Using Content Alerts, receive notification when topics that interest you appear anywhere in IAIA Connect, even if you are not a member of that group
  • Rate or comment on resources posted online

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